Meet the editorial staff

Lara aina franken

editor in Chief

Given that Lara grew up surrounded by journalists, news and media have always played a big role in Lara’s everyday life. She is particularly interested in worldmaking in Mainland Southeast Asia and the Thai Youth protests. Before moving to Lund, she pursued a Bachelor in International and South and Southeast Asia Studies at Leiden University.

Olivia Culot

Head of culture & arts

After finishing a Bachelor’s degree in political sciences with optional economics and a Master’s in International Relations at the University of Louvain in Belgium (including an exchange at Lund University), Olivia decided to go back to Lund to start another Master’s in Asian Studies to deepen her knowledge in her region of interest. She has many hobbies including drawing, playing tennis and video games, loves learning new things and any form of cultural exchange.

Wei Zi


Although growing up in China, Wei is surrounded with lots of Japanese elements. After finishing Japanese studies in her undergraduate, Wei continues to do Asia studies in Lund University to gain more perspectives and insights about this region. In this journey, Wei looks forward to gaining more knowledge and establishing the relationship with the world.

Marcus Björk

Head of politics

Marcus is currently a student of the master’s program in Asian Studies at Lund University. He did his bachelor’s degree in politics and economics and followed that up with three semesters at Law School, before finally deciding to follow his newfound interest in Asia wholeheartedly. His main country of interest is China, and he is fascinated by Chinese politics, culture and society. Marcus enjoys hanging out with friends and spending time at the ice rink, where he works part-time as a figure skating coach.



Axel is currently studying his master's degree in Asian Studies here in Lund, where he also did his bachelor's degree in Japanese. He grew up surrounded by video games, manga and anime which contributed to his interest in Japan. After doing an exchange year at Keio University in Japan, he realized that he wanted to pursue Asian studies to deepen his interest and knowledge surrounding Japan and the rest of Asia. Apart from his interest in Japanese pop culture, he loves to travel and cook.

Miho kokubun

Head of society

Miho Kokubun, studying here as an exchange student from Japan, has insatiable passion to contribute to adding more value to society articles of Lunar Times! She is currently studying Swedish social policy and journalism, and so interested in sharing social and cultural aspects of her home region with many international people here. Stay tuned for coming publications and enjoy exploring east Asian society with her.

Vedran muftic

Social media manager

Vedran specializes in languages and studied Japanese and Chinese in his undergraduate. The interest of Asian linguistics changed to Asian societies and politics along the way and he currently studies Japan with a particular interest in contemporary society. Outside of academia, he takes great interest in music and frequently works with composing, arranging and performing songs.

sandra anasz

head of media & design

Sandra is currently in the Japanese bachelors program after having studied a few semesters of law and strategic communication. Always curious and ready for a new challenge it’s hard for her to sit still. Nevertheless, creative arts like drawing and graphic design as well as a big interest in East Asian culture has always been some of her constant interests. Besides studying Japanese in school she is also tackling Korean during her past time. As a self proclaimed Asian media connoisseur she’s always up for discussing the latest music, movie or celebrity news.

tom artaiz

copy editor

Thomas spent nearly a decade in Asia teaching English, American History, and Introductory Linguistics. During this time he worked as a freelance editor for a variety of projects including university publications, education textbooks, and all manner of creative writing, essays, and public-facing documents. Thomas holds a bachelor's degree in History from Carroll College, a master’s in Global Security from Arizona State University, and is currently enrolled in the Asian Studies program at Lund University.
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